Why Munich Airport choose UPTR® by LibOnIce®

In order to manage around 3000 Linux based display panels for flight information, baggage claim or airlines Munich Airport decided to use UPTR®:

  • UPTR® impresses with a modern and fast webinterface which allows an intuitive and fast management of almost 3000 systems
  • UPTR® provides an Update and Errata Management for the most commonly used Linux Distributions which scales up to several thousands systems
  • UPTR® includes a methodological approach for the operational processes of deployment and maintenance for such an amount of Linux based ThinClients. In addition to procedures for hardware exchanges, there are several statuses to ensure a seamless process flow to inventory, plan and provision mass rollouts
  • As a container based application UPTR® is running reliably, ensures fast software upgrades within minutes and short downtimes, which is essential to a critical infrastructure like Munich Airport
  • Through the API interface UPTR® can easily be integrated in existing infrastructures like monitoring, CMDB, DNS or DHCP